Welcome to Infinitum Network!

    By Batman,

    Hello peeps,

    Welcome to Infinitum Network! Infinitum Network was created by the owners of West Side RPG. We decided we didn't just want to be small community limited only to MTA. So here we are, Infinitum Network! 

    Infinitum Network gives our community a change to play other games we play daily, together with others. We currently have 4 game servers setup already. As our community grows and based on your requests, we'll be adding more game servers to the network.

    Infinitum Network is currently being ran by Joey and Batman. Our Community Manager is Markus. Fire is the only Admin we have so far. In the near future we'll be looking for some members who would like to take on the Infinitum Admin role and help us monitor our Game Servers, Forums and Discord.

    If you need help connecting to one of our servers or just have a question about what to do in order to join any of our servers, feel free to use our #support channel in discord.

    Got an idea that'll help improve Infinitum Network? Let's us know in the suggestion tracker. We're appreciate any suggestions or comments you guys may have.

    Greetings from Batman